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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Push-to-Talk is a rich-media communications software product that supplements existing public safety radio communications systems using cost effective commercial mobile phones and carrier networks. First responders frequently turn to their mobile phones in emergencies when their radios hit dead spots or they need maps or other information from the Internet. Our Push-to-Talk software product dramatically increases the utility of Officers’ smartphones by quickly integrating them into ad hoc rich-media interoperable inter-agency public safety communications networks.

Cost Effective

Push-to-Talk exploits the power and sophistication of advanced consumer smartphones, the extensive and rapidly growing coverage provided by commercial carriers, and the rich-media, Internet access, security and store and forward features made possible by a new type of multi-device digital Connected Application.

Addressing Local Law Enforcement Needs

The Push-to-Talk Connected Application deploys automatically and combines voice, video, text, GPS locations and maps. It gives dispatchers, commanders and frontline first responders the media-rich integrated information they need for a highly coordinated response to emergencies that will save lives.

No Specialized Infrastructure Required

Because it does not require specialized hardware or infrastructure, Push-to-Talk meets the Public Safety Agencies’ need for inexpensive, interoperable communications. What makes the technology so exciting is its ability to connect (and disconnect) designated individuals into a secure rich-media communication Talk Groups within seconds – using their own communications devices. The technology creates an ad-hoc secure network that connects everything from voice communications and text to cameras, GPS, and mapping services. The result is that collaboration becomes easy. It can be deployed and set up in minutes between different agencies, or between police departments and other first responders, and or between government and the public – all without developing a new communications infrastructure or purchasing new devices.

Unique Software Distribution

A unique feature is the way the system distributes and adapts code across devices. It can adapt to the configuration and capabilities of a wide range of commercial mobile phone models, netbooks and computers. Other agencies, civilians and local leaders can be brought into Talk Groups even if they have nothing but standard commercial mobile phones. Advanced smartphones such as iPhones contribute advanced capabilities such as automatic officer down detection and alerting based on its motion detection and GPS.

High-Grade Security

Push-to-Talk includes extensive security features built on top of standard PKI. Unique to the system is that each member of a Talk Group gets only the information and controls suited to their role and security level.

Unifying Communications and Control

Push-to-Talk’s collaborative communications can make all the difference when entering existing radio communications dead spots. Push-to-Talk will also save lives by adding text, pictures, GPS, maps and assured intelligibility of voice messages to decreases response time and reducing the change of making costly mistakes.