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Command & Control


Friday, November 13, 2009

Covia Labs’™ Command & Control is a next generation multi-device, multi-protocol, multi-OS software platform for building, deploying, and evolving robust and secure Communications, Situational Awareness and Command and Control systems. Command & Control allows the rapid ad hoc creation of secure teams of diverse types of devices. The devices work as a tightly integrated team where their shared messages, pictures, sensor data, GPS positions, maps, drone control panels and information are synchronized and mashed up across them all as needed to carry out sophisticated operations.

Unique Software Distribution

A unique feature is the way the system securely distributes, adapts and manages the code across devices. It can adapt to the configuration and capabilities of a wide range of communicators, computers, cameras, sensors, drones, servers and information systems. Configuration management, updates, communications bridging and security are handled automatically by our Connected Applications™, a new type of cross device software package that intelligently and securely connects devices into a team. Connected Applications manage the installation of the Connected Applications’ code parts according to their roles, capabilities and bandwidth automatically. Connected Applications adapt dynamically to device and communications failures, screen sizes, CPU power and available bandwidth.

Highly-Customizable Platform

Covia Labs supplies two SDKS as part of the Command & Control Connected Platform, as well as consulting services and support. The Connector SDK is used to port the Covia Connector™ program. The Covia Connector enables devices to be authenticated and exposes each device’s resources and capabilities. The Connector is the unification program that allows any Connected Application to create collaborative teams of devices, and securely spread its code parts across them to make them work as one. The Connected Application™ SDK contains the tools, working code and framework needed to build Connected Applications. Covia Labs also provides services to support development by Prime Contractors or co-development with Covia Labs’ experienced project managers and developers.