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Alert & Respond


Monday, November 9, 2009

Alert & Respond is an emergency response collaboration software product that supplements existing public radio systems by creating secure ad hoc networks across a wide variety of commercial phones, computers, cameras and other devices using commercial carrier data networks and mobile satellite data systems. It deploys automatically and combines voice, video, text, GPS locations and maps. It gives dispatchers, commanders and frontline first responders the media-rich integrated information they need in emergency situations to carry out efficient, highly coordinated responses that save lives while greatly reducing the likelihood of making dangerous mistakes.

Unique Software Distribution

This sophisticated multi-device Connected Application distributes its own code and to run across a wide range of devices to synchronize, mash up and display their shared messages, GPs locations, maps and media. It adapts to the configuration and capabilities of a wide range of commercial mobile phones, video cameras, computers and sensors, and runs them in a predictable fashion, regardless of screen size, operating system, communications protocols or bandwidth constraints. In addition, it links devices into the Operation networks using a variety of alternative communications paths, including WiFi, Bluetooth, commercial cellular carrier data networks or satellite data. Alert and Respond extends coverage by working in public radio system deadspots and automatically finding new paths through any number of devices and protocols automatically whenever communication failures occur.

No Specialized Infrastructure Required

The use of commercially available devices, carrier networks and mobile satellite communications systems reduces cost and deployment time, while supplementing existing public safety radio systems with rich collaborative capabilities and extending coverage areas and extending reach to individual consumer’s existing mobile phones. Civilians and local leaders can be brought into the network even if they have nothing but standard commercial mobile phones. Smartphones, such as iPhones, contribute advanced capabilities such as automatic “officer down” detection and alerting based on motion detection and GPS. Augmented reality becomes a reality, such as the ability to point a mobile phone at a building to receive data regarding its residents.

High-Grade Security

Alert & Respond’s extensive security features are built on top of standard PKI. All communications and data storage are encrypted. Each member of an Alert & Respond Operation receives information and controls suited to and limited by their role and security level. Only information for a particular named Operation is exchanged. Once an Operation is complete, security features prevent any farther interactions between devices until they are included in another Operational network. Thus, agencies and individuals who may not be broadly trusted have no communications capabilities outside of the particular role they have been assigned, and only for the duration of each particular Operation network that they have been added to by the Operation’s commander.

Addressing Department of Homeland Security’s Needs

Alert & Respond‘s collaborative ad-hoc networks can make all the difference when minutes count in an emergency. Because it does not require specialized hardware or infrastructure, Alert & Respond meets the defense and homeland security need for inexpensive, interoperable communications. Because it uses commercial carrier data networks and commercial mobile satellite data systems, communications deadspots can be filled in, and coverage increases rapidly as the consumer carrier networks are built out.

Unifying Communications and Control

Additionally, Alert & Respond Operations can be pushed to various agencies, between local police and fire departments, or to federal agencies and the public without a new communications or security infrastructure or requiring the purchase of new hardware. Our unique patented technology can connect designated individuals into secure Operations within seconds using their own devices – even standard commercial mobile phones – with everything from voice communications and text to cameras, GPS, mapping devices and even robotic control panels. The result is that collaboration becomes fast, efficient and reliable.