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Command & Control

Your mission, your way. Unified devices for unified teams. Get information from anyone at anytime. Streamline operations to ensure mission success.

Modern military operations rely on computer systems to train, supply, command and reinforce troops. Integration between these systems rarely occurs without human interaction, often leading to a breakdown in communication. In an effort to reduce the possibility of human error that can cause mistakes, delays, injuries and death, military units must automate the integration between diverse systems.

Automate Military Units

Automatically integrating systems eliminates the human interaction previously required to orchestrate a highly-coordinated mission. All pieces on the chessboard—from the GPS unit in a Humvee to the targeting system in a predator drone—work together as a single entity.

Coordinate Allied Forces

Covia’s technology integrates various forces’ systems into a powerful, media-rich framework—regardless of hardware, OS, communications protocols, user interfaces or security needs. Install our Connected Application on targeted devices, and give troops the resources they need.

Eliminate Friendly Fire

Avoiding accidents is often dependent on verbal communication and manual coordination between various systems, units and branches. Covia automatically populates weapons targeting systems with the location of friendly units.

Authenticate Systems

Manage a diverse database of assets that are authorized to participate in a mission. Each mission’s data is protected by military grade PKI algorithms and AES, allowing secure, encrypted communication. Covia can add or subtract connected systems in real time as conditions on the battlefield change.