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Covia Labs Wins 2012 GSN Homeland Security Award

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA ––December 4, 2012–– Covia Labs, Inc. today announced that Government Security News (GSN) has named its product, Alert & Respond™, as a winner of the annual GSN Homeland Security Awards program in the “Best Interoperable First Responder Communications” category. Covia Labs was recognized at an awards ceremony held on November 29, 2012 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

“At a time when public safety communications is at the forefront of the agenda in Washington and at the state and local level, we are honored to receive this recognition from GSN,” said David E. Kahn, CEO of Covia Labs. “At Covia Labs, we are committed to providing the most advanced communications technology for the brave men and women who are on the front lines of emergency response and public safety every day.”

With a record number of entries this year, the fourth annual GSN Homeland Security awards program recognizes the leading public-private collaboration that makes up the nation’s homeland security apparatus by presenting awards to vendors of IT and physical security products and solutions, and to federal, state, county and municipal agencies for notable achievements in government programs, projects, strategies and initiatives.

“The winners were selected by a panel of objective judges,” according to Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of Government Security News. “We received an outstanding group of entries and have handed winners’ plaques to an exceptional group of companies and government agencies.”

Covia Labs’ Alert & Respond product is a software platform that offers a cost-effective way for military and public safety to integrate consumer smartphones and commercially available devices, such as smartphones, into their operations. Alert & Respond greatly expands the command & control and situational awareness capabilities available to military and public safety personnel beyond what is available with voice-only communication. It merges the data and functionality found on multiple, diverse devices and equipment into one, fully integrated system. Alert & Respond enables military and public safety to utilize all of the features of increasingly advanced, commercially available smartphones, including voice, video, compass, GPS, memory, storage and maps.

Covia Labs, Inc. is the developer of the only software platform that enables secure interoperable communications across an unlimited number of diverse devices, from smart phones to proprietary police and fire department radios to weapons systems. Striving to improve communication in an increasingly insecure world, Covia’s technology enables diverse entities to work as a united team in order to accomplish a singular mission. By empowering personnel from different organizations with real-time information regardless of infrastructure or equipment, first responders and military personnel can improve operational capabilities and save lives. The company was named a “Top Performing Technology” at the U.S. Military’s 2010 CWID (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration) events and is currently engaged in contracts with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).