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  • How long does it take to port the Covia Connector to a new OS?

    Typically, two programmer weeks to two programmer months depending on the complexity of the device and its operating system, if one exists.

  • Why not just standardize our communications network and mobile devices?

    Standardizing the communications network and mobile devices can be very inflexible. Covia Labs’ Push-to-Talk product ensures integration without having to standardize handsets. This allows organizations to quickly deploy and evolve a push-to-talk network without having to worry about configuration and interoperability issues – or purchasing unnecessary homogeneous equipment or bridges. In addition, partners, sub-contractors and guests can be added to the network on the fly.

  • Why not just standardize our communications network and mobile devices?

    Standardizing the communications network and mobile devices can be very inflexible. Because equipment is improving rapidly, what is required is a system to manage the distribution and evolution of your organization’s communication system. It is essential that everyone is able to communicate seamlessly as they arrive on scene – regardless of the hardware they are carrying. Covia Labs’ Alert & Respond ensures interoperability without having to standardize equipment.

  • What happens if a device is captured by the enemy?

    Erasing the private key on a device disables all communications with the device and makes the device’s data unintelligible. This revocation through erasure can be triggered by explicit command from any of the devices in a shared Operation or any other defined criteria, e.g. a device reading its GPS location and finding itself outside of its set Operational area, or the device not being able to contact others in the Operation for too long a time period.

  • Does Covia Labs own any patents?

    Covia Labs has three granted patents which provide broad coverage for the unique technology used. There are also three additional patents that have been allowed and are expected to be granted soon, and more than eighteen additional U.S. and international patents in process.

  • Can third parties enable new devices by porting the Covia Connector?

    Yes, if they license the Covia Connector Porting SDK. Covia Labs or other trusted entity must inspect and sign each Covia Connector to ensure the integrity of the Sandbox.

  • How do I get Push-to-Talk?

    To ensure product features and support requirements are properly covered, agencies need to contract directly with Covia Labs.

    In order to include a phone for a specific Operation, customer agencies must open an Alert & Respond account on a Covia Server. Android, Windows Mobile and other mobile phones download all needed software from Covia Servers, while iPhones phones download the free Covia Connector from the Apple App Store.

  • What are some examples of integrated communications achievable through this product?

    Dispatchers can instantly send pertinent information such as suspect profiles, casualty reports and the location of other responders and staging areas to personnel. Witnesses can upload video of the crime and police can access surveillance video from their iPhone. Firefighters can access maps of triggered smoke detectors and locations of hydrants and hoses. A commanding officer can take control of responding units while en route to the scene.

  • How are devices authenticated?

    Command and Control communications require two-way authentication and encryption between any two communicating devices. Setting up a secure communication requires that the addressed device’s Device Id be a hash of the device’s public key. Similarly, the originating device must have credentials known to the target device, or be part of the inter-device credentials signed with the particular Operation’s signing key, which controls direct communications and allowed access rights between devices that are part of a particular mission.

  • What is the underlying technology?

    All Covia Labs’ products are based on the DART Platform. Our platform logically combines devices into one super-device by running a small unifying program called the Covia Connector™. This allows a new type of smarter application, i.e. Connected Applications™, to securely self-distribute and run parts of the themselves across selected teams of devices as needed. For more details, see the “How it Works” frequently asked questions.

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