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  • What are Connected Applications?

    Connected Applications, such as Alert and Respond contain all the code needed to rapidly form operational teams of devices (running a Covia Connector) and distribute the appropriate code parts of themselves to each device in the team. Which code parts of the Connected Application are sent to each individual device in the team is based on the role selected for each device when a commander selects the device into an Operation. The code parts then run simultaneously on all devices seamlessly unifying the Connected Application’s access to shared media and messages.

    The Covia Connector program runs the code parts in a secure sandbox and synchronizes all the events and data that drive Covia Connected Applications, such as Alert & Respond across the devices. The effect is the same as having multiple code threads of a conventional software application run on different CPUs in a multi-core processor, except that the different threads of the Connected Application, i.e. the self-distributed code parts, are running on different devices. Because the threads are running on different devices, the Connected Application has direct access to everything its threads are running on and can easily mix and match the capabilities and resources of all devices as needed. Messages, media, voice, maps, pictures and data collected by each of the devices become available on all the devices.

  • Why do organizations need this product?

    People do not always have push-to-talk, or rich media capabilities on their mobile phones – or if they do, it is rare that everyone in your organization is on the same network. Push-to-Talk turns ordinary devices into rich-media push-to-talk communicators on the same network – regardless of the phones’ different OSes, capabilities or cellular carriers.

  • Who is the target market?

    Alert & Respond is sold to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

  • What are the main features?

    • Scalability across thousands of simultaneous devices
    • Interoperability across different armed forces, coalition partners, NGOs and even civilians
    • Replaces insecure OSes on commercial mobile phones and other devices
    • Automatic establishment of a secure perimeter for those chosen into each individual Operation
    • Automatic tear down of security perimeters when an Operation is compete
    • Encryption of all communications using DART-SSL™ technology
    • Centralized logging of all transactions on a secure server
    • Synchronization of data such as voice, text, pictures, GPS locations, maps, and control panels
    • Mash-ups fuse diverse types of information from many devices into highly informative UI panels
    • Automatic routing around communications failures using patented Serial Bridging™ technology
    • Voice messages are always intelligible
    • Instant Replay™ of any voice messages or video
    • Warfighter medical emergency detection
  • Where is Covia Labs located?

    Covia Labs is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

  • What device operating systems are supported?

    There are currently Covia Connectors for iPhones, MS Windows, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Linux, Android and several proprietary embedded OSes.

  • What kind of devices can be turned into a Push-to-Talk communicator?

    Push-to-Talk works on many popular commercial smartphones and personal computers. Moreover, Covia can turn any device with a microphone and speakers into a push-to-talk communicator. Low-end feature phones, advanced smartphones, laptops, walkie-talkies or PCs can be integrated into the same push-to-talk talk groups.

  • What kind of devices can be integrated?

    Alert & Respond is primarily deployed on popular smartphones and computers; but just about any emergency response system or mobile device can be connected through the Covia Labs Alert & Respond product – including systems with different operating systems, network protocol or user interface. These include mobile devices carried by police officers and firefighters, walkie-talkies, dash-mounted laptops, GPS units, smoke detectors, gunshot alarms, surveillance cameras, etc.

  • Why does someone need this product?

    Military operations are increasingly relying on automated systems to conduct warfare. However, these systems are rarely integrated, requiring human interaction to act as the bridge between them. Covia’s Command & Control platform integrates these diverse systems so they act as a single entity. This automation helps improve communication among military personnel and their allies, coordinate inter-agency missions, speed critical decision making, avoid human error and save lives. Command & Control allows new devices, capabilities and mission types to be quickly and seamlessly evolved. Connected Applications built on the Command & Control platform are highly modular so they can be quickly and easily evolved to include new devices, capabilities, UI modules and mission types. The reusable modules are also easily mixed and matched and customized into new Connected Applications.

  • When was Covia Labs founded?

    Covia Labs, Inc. was founded in 2008 when a group of investors acquired DARTdevices Corporation.

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