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  • What is Push-to-Talk™?

    Covia’s Push-to-Talk™ product is a rich multi-media collaborative communications application that cost-effectively supplements existing public safety radio communications systems using consumer mobile phones and carrier data networks. It adds interoperability across agencies, assured fidelity of voice messages, integrated voice, text and picture messaging, and provides coverage in existing public radio dead zones. Push-to-Talk is included in Covia’s Alert & Respond product.

  • Who is the target market?

    Push-to-Talk is sold to emergency response agencies, the Department of Defense, construction firms or any other organization that can be better served by inexpensive rich media, high-fidelity, wide coverage secure communication.

  • Why do organizations need this product?

    People do not always have push-to-talk, or rich media capabilities on their mobile phones – or if they do, it is rare that everyone in your organization is on the same network. Push-to-Talk turns ordinary devices into rich-media push-to-talk communicators on the same network – regardless of the phones’ different OSes, capabilities or cellular carriers.

  • What kind of devices can be turned into a Push-to-Talk communicator?

    Push-to-Talk works on many popular commercial smartphones and personal computers. Moreover, Covia can turn any device with a microphone and speakers into a push-to-talk communicator. Low-end feature phones, advanced smartphones, laptops, walkie-talkies or PCs can be integrated into the same push-to-talk talk groups.

  • What are the main features?

    • Reduces cost and deployment time by using off-the-shelf mobile phones, computers, cellular data networks
    • Access to information and control restricted according to security levels and roles
    • All communications and data are encrypted
    • Automatic establishment of a secure perimeter that includes only those in a particular talk group
    • Encryption of all communications using DART-SSL™ technology
    • Centralized logging of all transactions on a secure server
    • Synchronization of voice, text, pictures, GPS locations, maps, and control panels
    • Voice messages are always intelligible
    • Instant Replay™ of any voice messages or video
    • Ability to add new responders and the public to talkgroups
    • Automatic routing around communications failures using patented Serial Bridging™ technology
    • Officer Down detection
  • Is the product secure?

    Security is integrated throughout the DART platform on which Push-to-Talk is built. Security is self-administrating. All stored data, and communicated between devices is encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption, and standard PKI infrastructure is used for all security features.

    Other security features provided include:

    • Authentication to guard against rogue devices.
    • Encrypted end-to-end communications.
    • Encryption of all data storage on devices using Operation Id and Device Id so that the stored data can only be understood by a particular Operation, and only if it is running on the device the data is stored on.
    • Execution sandbox with fine-grained access rights to guard against viruses and unauthorized operations.
    • All code is signed to assure executables and data are authentic and un-tampered.

  • Why not just standardize our communications network and mobile devices?

    Standardizing the communications network and mobile devices can be very inflexible. Covia Labs’ Push-to-Talk product ensures integration without having to standardize handsets. This allows organizations to quickly deploy and evolve a push-to-talk network without having to worry about configuration and interoperability issues – or purchasing unnecessary homogeneous equipment or bridges. In addition, partners, sub-contractors and guests can be added to the network on the fly.

  • How do I get Push-to-Talk?

    To ensure product features and support requirements are properly covered, agencies need to contract directly with Covia Labs.

    In order to include a phone for a specific Operation, customer agencies must open an Alert & Respond account on a Covia Server. Android, Windows Mobile and other mobile phones download all needed software from Covia Servers, while iPhones phones download the free Covia Connector from the Apple App Store.

  • How are devices authenticated?

    The Covia Connector unifier program on each device generates a public/private key pair when it is run the first time. A statistically unique 128-bit Device Id is formed as a hash from the public key. Establishing the required secure encrypted communications session is impossible if the device does not have the private key corresponding to its Device Id.

  • What is the price?

    Please contact Sales@CoviaLabs.Com or call us at (650) 351-6444 to receive a current price list.

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