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  • What products does Covia Labs sell?

    Covia Labs offers three products for government agencies: Command & Control™, Alert & Respond™ and Push-to-Talk™. In addition, Covia Labs licenses software to be preinstalled by manufacturers on their consumer electronics, personal computer and netbook devices.

  • Who are the board of directors?

    David E. Kahn, Dan Illowsky and Ray Sidney.

  • Where is Covia Labs located?

    Covia Labs is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

  • When was Covia Labs founded?

    Covia Labs, Inc. was founded in 2008 when a group of investors acquired DARTdevices Corporation.

  • How is Covia Labs funded?

    Covia Labs is wholly owned by CEO David E. Kahn, CTO Dan Illowsky, and individual investor, Ray Sidney. Mr. Sidney is a well-known security expert and was the fifth employee of Google.

  • What is Covia Labs target market?

    Covia Labs is targeting local, state and federal emergency response agencies, as well as the Department of Defense and government contractors to the DoD. However, our products will benefit any organization that wishes to tightly integrate messages, data and operations across communicating devices.

  • Does Covia Labs own any patents?

    Covia Labs has three granted patents which provide broad coverage for the unique technology used. There are also three additional patents that have been allowed and are expected to be granted soon, and more than eighteen additional U.S. and international patents in process.

  • What is the underlying technology?

    All Covia Labs’ products are based on the DART Platform. Our platform logically combines devices into one super-device by running a small unifying program called the Covia Connector™. This allows a new type of smarter application, i.e. Connected Applications™, to securely self-distribute and run parts of the themselves across selected teams of devices as needed. For more details, see the “How it Works” frequently asked questions.

  • How can I purchase Covia’s products?

    Covia mass market consumer products come preinstalled by device manufacturers. Agencies licensing Covia Connected Applications can download Connectors and Connected Applications from Covia’s servers. In the case of the iPhone and iTouch, there is a free download form the Apple App Store. In order to activate the product, you must have an account on the Covia Server.

  • Does Covia Labs have any current customers?

    By the end of 2010, Covia products are expected to be pre-installed by device manufacturers on 5 million devices worldwide, and 15 million by the end of 2011 based on existing contracts.

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