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  • How do Covia's products work?

    Our products are all built on top of the DART (Dynamic Adaptive Run-Time) platform. The DART technology is unique in its ability to rapidly form ad hoc teams of devices into securely encapsulated Operations networks. It uses an entirely new approach to unifying the operation of devices and synchronization of messages, media and data by running a unification program called the Covia Connector at the OSI application Layer 7 on each device to create a new interoperability Layer 8.

    This new Layer 8 spans all devices that run the Covia Connector unification program, enabling a new type of sophisticated cross-device super application, called “Connected Applications,” to rapidly form tightly integrated ad hoc teams of devices into collaborative Operation networks. Covia’s Alert and Respond and Push- to-Talk products are examples of Connected Applications which form teams of devices from those running the Covia Connector unification program.

    Covia’s Command and Control product is a packaging of the DART platform into SDKs that include all the documentation, tools, frameworks and code needed to quickly port the Covia Connector to new devices and to rapidly build new command and control, situational awareness and collaborative communications Connected Applications.

  • What is Push-to-Talk™?

    Covia’s Push-to-Talk™ product is a rich multi-media collaborative communications application that cost-effectively supplements existing public safety radio communications systems using consumer mobile phones and carrier data networks. It adds interoperability across agencies, assured fidelity of voice messages, integrated voice, text and picture messaging, and provides coverage in existing public radio dead zones. Push-to-Talk is included in Covia’s Alert & Respond product.

  • What is Alert & Respond?™

    Covia Labs’ Alert & Respond product is a collaborative interoperable communications system that supplements existing public safety radio systems with advanced situational awareness and command and control features based on inexpensive consumer smartphones and carrier data networks.

  • What is Command & Control™?

    Covia Labs’ Command & Control product is a software development platform for building secure cross-device command and control, situational awareness, and collaborative communication Connected Applications. It includes two C++ Software Development Kits (SDKs) – an SDK to develop customized Covia Connectors, and SDK to develop Connected Applications. Provided frameworks and complete working Connected Applications to use as starting points greatly ease the creation of Connected Applications.

  • What products does Covia Labs sell?

    Covia Labs offers three products for government agencies: Command & Control™, Alert & Respond™ and Push-to-Talk™. In addition, Covia Labs licenses software to be preinstalled by manufacturers on their consumer electronics, personal computer and netbook devices.

  • What does the Covia Connector do?

    The Covia Connector

    1. Contains a Sandbox which executes Connected Application code while protecting against viruses and enforcing access rights.
    2. Establishes and carries out encrypted communications sessions.
    3. Exposes APIs and details about the device’s capabilities and characteristics to Connected Applications that run on it.
    4. Effectively turns all devices it runs on into one super device which gives Connected Applications direct access to the combined resources and capabilities of all.

  • Who is the target market?

    Push-to-Talk is sold to emergency response agencies, the Department of Defense, construction firms or any other organization that can be better served by inexpensive rich media, high-fidelity, wide coverage secure communication.

  • Why do agencies need this product?

    Officially or unofficially, existing radio communications systems are being supplemented with the use of personal or department provided consumer mobile phones. Consumer smartphones such as the iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android cell phones provide Internet access, location services and access to satellite views, maps and background information available on the Internet. The carrier mobile phone networks often reach dead spot areas that are not covered by public safety radios, effectively extending communications range and coverage.

    Alert & Respond exploits the potential of smartphones and carrier networks by creating a secure role-based integrated collaborative communications system based on these inexpensive mobile phones and a ever expanding carrier networks. Because Alert & Respond works across a wide range of mobile phones, computers, communications devices and communications networks, a high degree of interoperability can be provided.

    Alert & Respond inexpensively supplements existing public safety radio communications systems with richer communications across more agencies and devices with greater area coverage and better security. Alert & Respond provides better communications, better sharing of information, and improves operational efficiency and ultimately saves lives.

  • Who is the target market for the Command & Control product?

    Command and Control will be licensed to DoD agencies and contractors.

  • Who are the board of directors?

    David E. Kahn, Dan Illowsky and Ray Sidney.

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