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  • I/T Engineer

    Tuesday October 20, 2009

    Maintain the in-house systems and networks, and interface with service providers for development, administration, and marketing support. Must have operational experience with Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux (Debian and RedHat variants). Requires experience managing CoLo deployment and maintaining a high availability scalable server environment.

  • Build Engineer

    Thursday September 24, 2009

    Enhance and maintain a multi-platform system for automated system builds, testing, and bug reporting. Requires knowledge of scripting tools including Python and Rexx, Communications tools, and Operating systems including MS Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux (Debian and Redhat variants). BS degree or equivalent required.

  • QA Engineer

    Wednesday September 23, 2009

    Create and utilize tools for testing cross platform real-time software at both the system and applications level. Design test plans for complex systems utilizing multiple operating systems and protocols. Design White and Black Box tools for testing. Design stress tests for communication systems. Requires knowledge of C++, scripting tools and statistical tools and methods. BS and 5 years or commensurate experience required.

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