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Platform Engineer

POSTED Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Port the virtualization engine to new platforms. The platform engineer is tasked with the integration of new supporting platforms such as cellphones, set-top boxes, embedded controllers, and other systems both with and without supporting operating systems. MS and 15 years or commensurate experience required.

  • Support current ports of the engine, including bug fixes and enhancements
  • Implement ports on new platforms
  • Design and implement Platform support for new functional subsystems
  • Work with Build and QA engineering to integrate platforms into automated processes
  • Work with IT to implement scalable server capability

Experience required:

  • Native C++ programming in embedded environments
  • Cross compiler chain management
  • Multiple IDEs, including Visual Studio, CodeBlocks, XCode, and Eclipse
  • Extensive use of communications, threading, and real-time programming
  • Platform application integration
  • Multiple operating systems such as Windows (32 and CE), Mac OS/X and Linux, including embedded variants such as Angstrom
  • Cross platform integration tools and standards such as Zeroconf, uPnP, RPCs and pipes
  • Server technologies for scalability
  • Multiple protocol, iPhone, Pre, and Blackberry programming experience a plus