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About Covia Labs



Born out of the need to improve communication in an increasingly insecure world, Covia Labs enables diverse entities to work as a united team in order to accomplish a singular mission. By empowering personnel from different organizations with real-time information regardless of infrastructure or equipment, first responders and military personnel can improve operational capabilities and save lives.

Covia Labs automatically links diverse systems and devices together to create a Connected Device with advanced functionality. Personnel using a Covia-enabled device have access to resources, functionality and information on all other Connected Devices, arming them with the tools and information they need to carry out their mission.

After acquiring its core technology from DARTdevices, Covia developed solutions for the Alert & Respond and Command & Control markets and added a Push-to-Talk application. Founded in 2008, the privately-held company is committed to ensuring that expertise and resources are deployed intelligently with improved response times. Covia Labs is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.

David E. Kahn

Chief Executive Officer

“I saw a news report with fire trucks pulling up to a burning building and firefighters from the multiple departments swapping walkie-talkies. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way for them to communicate with each other.”

David is a successful entrepreneur with passion for solving technology challenges. Recognizing the need for collaboration in crisis situations, David committed himself to making any and all devices, from cell phones to helicopters, work together simply and seamlessly. He first got a taste of solving communications and workflow issues when he helped restructure the engineering processes at ADAC Laboratories. His efforts were instrumental in the company being the first medical organization to earn the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Award and its eventual acquisition by Phillips Medical Systems. David has also founded two venture-capital-funded payroll companies—InLeague and Perquest.


Dan Illowsky

Chief Technology Officer

“Software is now smart enough to routinely beat grandmasters at chess. Can’t it be smart enough to spread, install and adapt as needed without us having to be concerned about operating systems, downloading, loading drivers or setting up networks?”

Motivated by the possibilities of using technology to save lives, Dan is dedicated to solving the problems in getting multiple, diverse devices to work together. This passion has led him to help the most innovative companies in the world develop technology solutions. His innovations were instrumental at Intel (custom speech and handwriting chip), Microsoft (Windows 95 OS core), RSA (optimization of BSAFE libraries), Xerox PARC (digital picture processing algorithms), Diva Systems (VoD set-top box) and Zoran (optimized DSP audio and DVD playback software).


Bruce Bernstein

Vice President of Engineering

“Leading Covia’s team of uniquely talented and motivated engineers is, to me, the highlight of my career. Creating life-saving solutions together is the pinnacle of success.”

Bruce’s goal is to help teams of people interact effortlessly and work together efficiently. At General Electric’s prestigious research and development center, the young engineer helped pioneer the use of advanced communication in manufacturing environments. Earlier in his career, Bruce’s ability to deliver sophisticated designs featuring tightly integrated hardware and software creating state-of-the-art solutions attracted the attention of Macrodyne, Inc., a company that develops data acquisition and analysis systems. His designs were applied throughout their products, making them more functional, user friendly and collaborative in environments where people need reliable access to information.